Landscape Services

Facilities Management Landscape Services Department is responsible for the overall design, installation and maintenance of 700 plus acres. Our sole purpose is to provide an attractive, enjoyable, educational, and safe environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Landscape, Tree Care, and Irrigation Standards:

1) Landscape Design Standard Highlights

2) Tree Construction Standards, Pre Construction Training

3) OSU Tree Care Standards

4) Irrigation Standards


Services Offered:

1) Landscape Design & Renovation:

Includes design and project management for campus landscape projects.

2) Landscape Plant List:

Want to know what is growing in targeted landscape plantings?

Formal Garden                                                       Topiary Hat Display

Topiary Boot Display                                              Conoco-Phillips OSU Alumni Center

Old Central Native Plant Garden                            Seretean Performing Arts Center

Price Family Garden                                               Seasonal Display Bed

Oklahoma Native Plant Corridor                            Welcome Plaza

3) Campus Beautification:

4) Landscape Master Plan:

5) Landscape Maintenance:

Includes mowing, trimming, fertilizing, watering and pest control in designated zones across campus.

6) Landscape Design and Construction:

Oversee the design and installation of new landscapes, renovations and seasonal color displays.

7) Snow/Ice Removal:

Snow and Ice Removal Plan is made available each fall. It covers areas such as: parking lots, sidewalks, building  entrances, bus routes and more.

8) Urban Forestry: 

9) Greenhouse Production:

Responsible for growing the seasonal color for campus flowerbeds. Plant rentals are available for on-campus event use. Delivery is available.

10) Composting:

Implemented in 2011 and consists of landscape/greenhouse waste materials. Compost is used in landscape renovation, planting bed enhancements and as mulch.

11) Tailgating Information: Tailgating Guidelines Click for details   

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