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Facilities Management

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About Us

Operations and Maintenance is made up of unit teams to provide preventative, corrective, and small project services specifically to facilities in their area. General University facilities are located in Zone 1 and Zone 2.


Operations & Maintenance Organizational Chart

Jeff Sweeden, O&M Director
Jeff Sweeden, O&M Director


Our Services

Baseline Services

Routine procedures covered by the GU budget and are not billed to individual departments. Baseline Services are performed to maintain and ensure all facilities are structurally and operationally sound, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for the OSU Community.

Billable Services

All work that falls outside the scope of routine maintenance and Baseline Services and are customer funded. Payment for Billable Services is the responsibility of the requesting department or it is included in a project’s scope of work.


See the Facilities Management Guide to Services for detailed information.


Prioritizing Work

  • Emergency

    An unscheduled, corrective, activity that requires immediate attention to restore a critical piece of equipment whose failure could threaten human safety or cause damage to other equipment or building systems. Examples include a power outage or a broken water line. Emergency response time is immediate.

  • Urgent

    An unscheduled corrective activity where the problem does not pose an immediate safety hazard but requires a prompt response. Examples include a temperature problem (too hot or cold), a lighting failure or broken window. The Urgent situation response time is 1 work day and completion within 3 work days.

  • Routine

    Minor day-to-day repair jobs and small, fee-based requests. Examples include replacement of damaged ceiling tiles, minor floor or wall repairs. The Routine situation response time is 7 work days and completion within 20 work days.

  • Scheduled

    Preventive maintenance, major repairs, minor alterations and renovations, and event related support. Work is Scheduled with response and completion time determined by what is being done.

Unit Managers

MEP, Structural, and Facilities Support

Greg Leeming - MEP Manager

  • Work: 405-744-0410
  • Cell: 405-714-0010
  • Areas:
  • Electrical/Plumbing
  • Evening Operations
  • Life Safety
  • Mechanical HVAC
  • Daniel Alexander - Facility Support Services Manager

  • Work: 405-744-0330
  • Cell: 405-762-2207
  • Areas:
  • Keys
  • Moves/Special Events
  • Pest Control
  • Recycling
  • Signs
  • Surplus
  • Work Control
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