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Facilities Management

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Energy Services supports the mission of the University through the production, distribution, and management of energy and utilities systems. OSU owns and manages the steam, chilled water, and water production for the majority of campus, as well as the distribution for electrical, steam, chilled water, water, natural gas, and storm and sanitary sewer systems. Energy Services also supports OSU’s Energy Management and Sustainability programs.

Craig Spencer, Energy Services Director
Brandon Neal, P.E. Director of Energy Services 

Services Provided

Common Services Funded By Rates

  • Procure, manage, and process of all purchased utilities
  • Operation and maintenance of Central Plant, West Chilled Water Plant, Water Treatment Plant, primary distribution systems, service lines to Point of Demarcation, and Building System Controls
  • Meter reading and maintenance
  • Perform locates for all OSU owned utilities
  • Surveying and maintenance of Utilities AutoCAD maps and the Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Maintenance of Utilities Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Engineering and professional services for utilities systems
  • Energy Management Program

Specific Services Funded By Rates

  • REPAIR and REPLACEMENT of systems due to normal wear and tear, age, or naturally occurring events, and temporary corrections to components
  • RENOVATION to increase capacity or as planned replacement of systems not due to services for a new facility

Services Not Funded By Rates

  • Damaged through negligence or non-compliance with OSU Excavation Permit procedures
  • Non-OSU owned utility service sites
  • West Campus properties and Lake Carl Blackwell
  • Installation of temporary services

New Services Funding

Capital improvements to utility systems resulting from projects or new construction are funded by -

  • the project or new construction budget, or
  • factored into the next fiscal year’s rates when not funded by the project
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