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Oklahoma State University

About Construction & Contract Services


Gabe Dreiling
 Gabriel "Gabe" Dreiling, CCS Director



Construction and Contract Services, a professional services team within Facilities Management, is a multi-talented group of highly trained and skilled professionals dedicated to enhancing the lives of our students, colleagues and campus guests by providing services such as project, construction, and contract management in order to more efficiently provide superior accommodations for teaching, learning, and research.



The Construction and Contract Services team will continue to improve and innovate construction services and contracting so that we may provide our campus clients with a customer-first attitude, unquestionable value, uncompromised quality, while regularly exceeding schedule expectations.



Who Are We?

Facilities Management’s Construction and Contract Services (CCS) provides contract oversight and management, construction and renovation management, and other professional services for the OSU Stillwater campus and other A&M campuses.  CCS actively manages three core campus contracts: campus custodial care, waste removal, and recycling collection.  CCS also develops and manages contracts for as-needed and on-call construction and many professional services.  The CCS project management team handles both capital projects through contractors and in-house construction and renovation projects.

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Construction Services

Custodial Services

Baseline Custodial Services are provided to GU Customers through ABM - a Service Partner. GU customers are provided baseline custodial services at a prearranged APPA Service Level 2 agreement. Other services can be provided more frequently or for special events, however, they may be a billable service to the customer. Requests for additional custodial services can be made through the Online FM Customer Portal