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Snow and Ice Plan

Should the Oklahoma State University Stillwater campus be impacted by winter weather, the following map and guidelines details the plan for removal of snow and ice.


snow plan


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Sanding and Snow Removal

The general policy of the Facilities Management is to provide safe travel for those of the University community and others using our streets and parking lots. The following is general information for sidewalks, streets and parking lots.

  • The application of a sand and/or salt mixture will commence when the streets and parking lots become a safety hazard (slick) to cars and pedestrians.
  • Facilities Management will monitor the conditions either by help from OSUPD or an on-site inspection of conditions by personnel.
  • Sanding will be done from the onset of hazardous conditions to a point where snowplowing is inevitable.

Criteria: from a “trace up to 3 inches of accumulations”.

If snow continues past the 3-inch amount, the streets and parking lots will be plowed. Sanding will follow until streets are safe.    


Pedestrian Sidewalks and Building Entrances

The application of ice melt will commence when sidewalks become a safety hazard (slick) to pedestrian traffic.  Sidewalk plowing/sweeping will commence when 1” or more has accumulated.  Primary sidewalks, main and ADA entrances are first priority.

  • The Facility Management’s Plant goal is to have all primary and main entrance sidewalks cleared by first.
  • Ice melt will be applied to primary sidewalks and north side/shaded areas if it is deemed necessary.
  • Building entrances and ramps will be cleared by hand to a point away from the entry where mechanical equipment can remove the snow.
  • Plowing will continue until all primary sidewalks have been cleaned as a priority.

Street Priorities

Priority One - Streets/ Emergency Routes
Street / Intersection From To Lane Miles
Orchard Farm Road Miller Ave. 0.1
Connell Washington Monroe 0.2
Connell Ridge Dr. Willis 0.2
McFarland Hall of Fame Avenue Farm Rd. 0.2
Scott Ave. Walnut McDonald 0.2
Scott Ave. Washington Monroe 0.2
Lincoln Hall of Fame Avenue Farm Road 0.3
Mathews Knoblock Duck 0.3
Miller Knoblock Duck 0.3
Morrill Avenue Knoblock Hester 0.3
University Circle University Scott Ave. 0.3
McDonald McElroy Hall of Fame Avenue 0.5
Walnut McElroy Hall of Fame Avenue 0.5
Washington Hall of Fame Avenue McElroy 0.5
Willis McElroy Hall of Fame Avenue 0.5
Athletic Avenue Knoblock Hester 0.7
Cleveland Hall of Fame Avenue Farm Rd. 0.8
Knoblock University Mathews Ave. 1.0
Ridge Drive McElroy Hall of Fame Avenue 1.0
University University Circle Knoblock 1.0
Western Farm Rd. 6th Street 1.0
Farm Road Monroe Hall of Fame Avenue 1.7
Hester Hall of Fame Avenue University 1.9
Monroe McElroy 6th Street 1.9
Hall of Fame Avenue Duck Western 2.0
McElroy Duck Western 2.5
Priority One Street Totals     20.1


Priority Two - Streets
Street / Intersection From To Lane Miles
Athletic Ave. Monroe Library 0.1
Walnut Willham Ave McElroy 0.1
Drummond Lane Monroe Kerr Lane 0.2
Hester University 4th Ave 0.2
Knoblock McElroy Hall of Fame 0.2
McFarland Admiral Avenue Farm Road 0.2
Miller Ave. McFarland Walnut 0.2
Ramsey University 4th Ave 0.2
Ridge Dr. Tyler McElroy 0.2
Walnut Farm Road Admiral Ave. 0.2
Wehr Lane Washington Monroe 0.2
Willham Ave Walnut Garfield 0.2
Willis Tyler McElroy 0.2
Garfield Tyler S. of McElroy Rd 0.5
Tyler Ridge McDonald 0.5
Priority Two Street Totals     3.4

Download Snow Plan

2023/2024 Snow-Ice Plan (.pdf)


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