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Facilities Management

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About Energy Services

Energy Services supports the mission of OSU by providing reliable, uninterrupted utilities services to the Stillwater campus and fosters university-wide sustainable stewardship of energy resources.

The department is made up of the following organizations:


Energy Services Administration

Provides comprehensive, department wide administrative services to the ES director, managers, and supervisors, and to all ES staff as needed, and manages utilities accounting and budgeting.


Utilities Production

Produces steam, chilled water, hot water, and potable water for campus facilities heating, cooling, and domestic water needs, and maintains the mechanical and structural aspects of the Central Plant, West Chilled Water Plant, and Water Treatment Plant.


Distribution Systems

Operates and maintains all underground and overhead utilities distribution systems across campus – electrical, steam, chilled water, hot water, potable water, natural gas, storm, and sanitary sewers, and locates all underground utilities in support of construction, maintenance, and mapping.


Utilities Engineering

Provides professional survey, design, and development services for utilities capital improvement and maintenance projects; creates and maintains the campus wide utilities models and the OSU Engineering Guidelines; and contributes survey expertise to the campus utilities maps.


Energy  Management and Automation Systems Group (EM-SUST-ASG)

Installs, maintains, and monitors, a campus-wide automated controls and tracking system to manage energy consumption; collaborates campus wide to create and maintain a comfortable and sustainable environment by promoting university-wide stewardship of resources through education.

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