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Facilities Management

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Distribution Systems

Distribution Systems is responsible for construction, operation, and maintenance of the Stillwater campus distribution systems for electricity, steam and condensate, hot water, chilled water, potable water, natural gas, and the storm and sanitary sewers.

This organization is comprised of three units: Utilities Distribution, Electrical Distribution, and Utilities Locating.

Utilities Locating

Ever wonder what those markings mean that show up on sidewalks and grassy areas? They designate where various underground utility lines are located, and they’re put there by the Utilities Locators for mapping purposes and for safe excavation of OSU property. Each color represents a different utility.


Utilities Distribution


The Distribution Plumbers are responsible for operation and maintenance of the majority of the utility distribution lines running throughout campus. These Plumbers are capable of working on high pressure steam and chilled water lines in addition to natural gas, potable water, and the campus storm and sanitary lines.

Electrical Distribution

The Distribution Electricians maintain approximately 11 miles of underground cable and related vaults in the central campus area, as well as around 4.25 miles of overhead distribution lines that carry power to OSU facilities outside the central campus footprint. OSU’s electrical power is purchased from OG+E and delivered to campus through substations that branch out into the electrical distribution system; 70% of OSU’s purchased electrical power is generated by wind.


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