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The Energy Leadership Award

The Energy Leadership Award is designed to recognize student groups and campus departments for being  active partners in reducing the University’s energy expenditures through education and positive impact behaviors.  It is awarded on an annually renewable basis.  Those earning this award will be allowed to use the Stewardship seal on their publications and websites to signify both their commitment and achievement.  In addition, the OSU Energy Management Program will publicly recognize the award winners in a variety of ways throughout the year to highlight their success.  Some opportunities/ideas that have been generated so far include (but are not limited to) banners in the lobby of their building, spotlighting them in articles through OSU Communication, special recognition at the annual SAC Picnic, photos and name recognition on A-frames at homecoming, banners at GIA during graduation and banners at BPS during football season.


Energy Leadership Award Requirements

Student Groups, Organizations, and Greek Life

On a yearly basis, award winners will:

  • Determine who is their Energy Manager.
  • Identify 1 or 2 points of contact for your group to act as your Energy Champion.
  • All group members will have completed the on-line Stewardship training.
  • Have EM come speak at one of your meetings early in the semester.
  • Work with EM to schedule meetings in a “best fit” room.
  • If meeting/event is moved, work with EM when rescheduling it.

Campus Departments

On a yearly basis, award winners will:

  • Determine who is their assigned Energy Manager.
  • Identify 1 or 2 points of contact for the department to act as your Energy Champion.
  • Have all departmental staff, faculty and student employees complete on-line Stewardship training.
  • Invite EM to Staff/Faculty meeting to speak.
  • For the initial award, department will have had at least one random office audit with less than 10% missed opportunities.  To renew the award, their department must achieve this high level of participation 4 additional times in the year prior.
  • Review and identify who requires remote access.  Computers requiring remote access, must be clearly identified on the CPU with a special sticker applied by IT staff.

Additional Resources

Energy Leadership Award Requirements (.pdf)

Energy Leadership Application (.pdf)

Energy Leadership Training (.pdf)

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