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Utilities Production

UTILITIES PRODUCTION is responsible for generating chilled water, steam, and potable water for OSU’s Stillwater campus. The Central Plant, West Chilled Water Plant, and Water Treatment Plant are maintained and operated by teams of dedicated, highly qualified operators and mechanics. All three plants operate 24/7/365 to ensure continuous, uninterrupted production of these utilities for the Stillwater campus.



The Central Plant and the West Chilled Water Plant produce chilled water for air conditioning, dehumidification, and process cooling throughout the Stillwater campus. The two plants have a combined production capacity of approximately 28K tons. The peak chilled water production in July 2022 was recorded as 15.1K tons in one day.


Chill water image



Approximately 220K lbs/hr of steam at a saturated 125 PSIG is produced from four boilers in the Central Plant. Steam is reduced to 50 PSIG before being sent out to campus through an underground piping system, and then steam condensate routes back to the Central Plant where it is cycled back into steam.


steam power image



OSU’s Water Treatment Plant distributes potable water to the majority of the Stillwater campus. In 2022, approximately 489,259,000 gallons of potable water (equal to over 687 Olympic sized swimming pools) went out to the Stillwater campus. Average production is around 1,230,000 gallons per day.


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