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Facilities Support Services - Signs

Standard Services

A-frame Advertisements

Interior Occupancy: Room plates, inserts, door jams, directories, stairwells, banners.

Exterior Signage: Street signs, stencils, banners, building round tops, building names. 

A-frame Advertisement Policies and Procedures

Signs around Campus

A-Frame Requests

Announcements: (Please read carefully, A-frame Policies and Procedures have recently changed.) 

A-frame Pricing:  $75 for 1 double sided displayed for 10 Business days. The price provided is subject to change if A-frame procedures listed on this page are not followed. 

  • A-frame work orders and artwork must be submitted no later than 7 working days before the posting start date.
  • To submit your A-frame order request please click on the link provided:
  • A-frame orders must have final artwork uploaded. If final artwork is not uploaded the work order will be denied and canceled. This allows us to operate efficiently and keep the base price per A-frame to a minimum.
  • All placement start and end dates will always fall on either a Monday or Wednesday. Anytime the campus is closed on either day, scheduled A-frames will not be placed or removed until the following day.
  • Upload your artwork file to the Facilities Management Customer Portal when selecting problem code: A-frame Advertisement. (See example below)

Customer Request

Once you submit your order,  you will receive a confirmation stating your request has been received and a work order has been made. Placing a work order does not guarantee your A-frame can be scheduled. After request is reviewed you will be contacted if changes need to be made to artwork, dates or locations. Once artwork and request are approved, you will receive a final confirmation that your A-frame request is scheduled.

  • A-frame Ad Locations
            Note: Requested locations by number and/or name (example: Locations: 2,4,7). Feel free to list alternative locations as well. 

             See map for described locations:
             Wes Watkins Center [1]
             Legacy Walk East [2]
             Legacy Walk West [3]
             Food & Agricultural Products Center (FAPC) [4]
             Human Sciences [5]
             Business North Sidewalk [6]
             Chi-O Clock [7]
             Greek Walk [8]
             Noble East Sidewalk [9]
             Colvin Center [10]
             University Commons [11]

  • Any A-frames that need to be placed in specific locations other than designated numbered locations:  Weekend events, construction, directional, parking announcements, etc. Describe location the best way possible and/ or supply us with a specified map via email. Weekend events and directional A-frames must be approved through Long Range Facilities Planning before placement. (Sign Shop will forward requests for approval.)

A-frame Artwork Specifications:

Artwork must be submitted and approved prior to request being confirmed. Upload your artwork through the Facilities Management Customer Portal. If you have artwork for each side of the A-frame please email work order number under subject and attach 2nd artwork. Send all information to

All artwork submitted will be published "as-is." Any changes to artwork will be noted and subject to additional costs.

Artwork Files:
  • File must be less than 15MB to upload. File must be in .JPEG, .PNG, or .PDF format. File can not contain layers. (Flatten image before sending. Sending scale 8x10.5 is best)
  • Artwork file size template for all A-frames Click for template
  • Layout: Portrait-oriented
  • File Format: PNG, JPEG, or PDF (outline fonts)

Retractable Banners

Floor Retractable Banner



  • Size: 33" wide x 94.6" tall with a 1" bleed on top and 10" bleed on bottom.Pistol Pete
  • Layout: Portrait-oriented
  • File Format: JPEG or PDF (outline fonts)
  • Floor Retractable Banner Template 


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