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Oklahoma State University

Business Operations


Renee Smith

Renee Smith, Business Operations Director



Business Operations strives to provide exemplary administrative and business support services to all areas of Facilities Management and numerous other campus entities through its many functional areas.

We serve our faculty, staff, and students by utilizing technology and superior customer service to support our prominent first class land grant institution and its sustainable physical and economic resources. 




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Facilities Management Work Control

Overview of Business Operations

Requests for maintenance and utility work for campus facilities, along with small and large construction type projects route through the Work Control Center via our customer portal. Emergency calls are routed here for central campus facilities and infrastructure. Our FM Accounting, FM IT, FM Payroll, and FM Procurement Services provide valuable internal support and customer support for OSU. Small and large freight for OSU are delivered to our docks at the Main Warehouse and at University Mailing Services. Campus mailing and delivery services are also other important tasks that help support the OSU mission.

Payment Process For Billable Work

  • Each department designates one (1) pre-authorized default account to be charged for all Billable Services.
  • If a Customer chooses not to use their department’s default account, another account can be designated when submitting a work request in the Online FM Customer Portal.
  • The Customer is responsible for verifying available funds in their designated account prior to the submission of a work request.
  • FM will only begin work when an account number has been provided in the Online Portal.
  • Submission of a work request through the Online Portal serves as the Customer’s authorization for service.
  • Customers are advised to identify specific individuals as authorized to submit requests for FM services and to expend funds on behalf of their department.
  • Funding changes cannot be made in the Online FM Customer Portal system once the actual work has begun. Any project funding changes needed in the course of a project must be managed by the Customer in their department’s accounting processes.