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Facilities Management Customer Portal

The Facilities Management Customer Portal can be found at:

What is the customer portal?

The Customer Portal is the single point for all OSU Stillwater campus facility requests. Customers use the portal to submit requests and to view information about previously submitted requests. The Customer Portal is used to quickly respond to requests for maintenance, services, billable work or for renovation and construction projects by Facilities Management and Long Range Facilities Planning.

For Emergencies, please call 405-744-7154


Instructions for submitting a work request and viewing previous requests in the portal can be found HERE, or in a link at the bottom of every page in the portal.

A guide to what services Facilities Management provide, as well as what services are paid for by Facilities Management, and what is paid for by you the customer, can be found in our Guide To Services.

Customer Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Do I use the FM Customer Portal for Emergencies or Urgent work requests?
Can anyone enter a work request in the Portal?
  • Yes, however before submitting a request please read the FM Billing Policy below.
What types of requests can be entered using the Portal?
  • All types of requests can be entered via the Customer Portal, from maintenance repairs, custodial services to small and large construction projects.
What happens to my request once I click submit?
  • Your request will be sent to Facilities Management Work Control where it will be reviewed and converted to a work order for maintenance or small construction requests. You will receive an email with the work order number for tracking in the Customer Portal.
What is the FM Payment/Billing Policy?
  • General University Departments are not billed for maintenance requests such as general repairs. Requests considered to be “billable” to the customer will be charged to either the departments default account number on file with Facilities Management or to an alternate account number entered on the request when it was created on the Customer Portal.

  • Auxiliary Departments are billed for all requests.

  • Each department designates one (1) pre-authorized default account to be charged for all Billable Services.

  • If a Customer chooses not to use their department’s default account, another account can be designated when submitting a work request by entering the account in the alternate funding box on the Customer Portal.

  • The Customer is responsible for verifying available funds in the designated account prior to the submission of a work request.

  • FM will only begin work when an account number has been provided to fund the work.

  • Submission of a work request through the Customer Portal serves as the Customer’s authorization for services.

  • Customers are advised to identify specific individuals as authorized to submit requests for FM services and to expend funds on behalf of their department.

  • Funding changes cannot be made once the actual work has begun. Any funding changes needed in the course of a work must be managed by the Customer in their department’s accounting processes.

  • For questions regarding whether a request would be billable, you can either contact your Zone Manager or Work Control at (405) 744-7154. See the FM Website for your Zone Managers name and number.

Can I cancel a request?
  • Please contact Work Control if you need to cancel a request at (405) 744-7154.
Can I change a request once it has been entered?
  • You will need to contact your Zone Manager or Project Manager if you wish to change the scope of your request.
How do I know what the Default Account Number is for my department?
  • Please contact your departments Fiscal Officer for that information.
How do I review or track my work order in the Portal?
  • Instructions are located at the bottom of the FM Customer Portal for step by step instructions of how to create a request and how to review your requests.
How do I know what services can be provided by Facilities Management?
  • Please review the FM guide to services. For an overview of the types of services that are provided by Facilities Management. You can also speak with your Zone Manager about what services can be provided. If unsure who the Zone Manager is for your building, please see the Zone Manager listing on the FM website.
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