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We serve OSU faculty, staff, students, and community by creating and maintaining an inspiring campus environment to support essential research, education, and outreach.

By doing this, we help OSU achieve prominence as an outstanding institution of higher education and drive our organization’s financial and resource model through sustainable and cost-effective growth.

Ron Tarbutton, Chief Facilities Officer

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Baseline Services

Baseline Services are planned and reactive maintenance activities funded at large by the GU budget and not billed individually to the Department. Services are performed on an as-needed basis determined by routine inspections to assess conditions, or by need that arises unexpectedly affecting facility operation and safety. Below are some examples of what is covered in Baseline Services, a more extensive description is provided in the Guide To Services


Carpentry & Flooring Services

  • Repair of existing doors, doorstops, and hinges
  • Repair and maintenance of interior and exterior tiles
  • Repair/replacement of acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Repair to moldings, baseboards, and weather stripping
  • Maintenance/repair of roofs, gutters, downspouts
  • Maintenance of window functions (hardware and glass)
  • Flooring maintenance to stop fraying, tearing, loosening

Paint Services

  • Touchup of main hallways, handrails, moldings, doors, etc.
  • Painting building interiors at the end of their useful life

Electrical Services

  • Repair/maintain components such as breakers, panels, switches, plugs
  • Replacement of burned out lamps, bulbs and/or ballasts
  • Replace broken switches, receptacles, wall plates, etc.

Heating & Air Conditioning Services

  • Responding to reports of inadequate room temperature
  • Calibrate thermostats, sensors, etc.
  • Changing air filters
  • Cleaning coils

Plumbing Services

  • Repair/maintain plumbing components
  • Repair/maintain drains and fixtures, including water fountains
  • Toilet, sink and faucet repairs

Landscape Services

  • Maintains all areas around the GU facilities including
  • Mowing, trimming, fertilizing, watering, and plant pest control
  • Tree planting and maintenance
  • Litter and outdoor debris pickup
  • Provides oversight, design, and installation of new landscapes and renovations, irrigation, hardscapes and site furnishings, and seasonal color displays (based on the project this may be a Billable Service).
  • Sidewalk and street cleaning
  • Lead on snow and ice removal as needed
  • Visit the Landscape Services website for more information

Pest Control Services

  • FM employs pest control applicators licensed to treat general and structural vermin and capable of removing small animals.
  • General pests are those within and immediately adjacent to a structure and include most pests except woodborers and/or termites.
  • Structural pests are termites and other wood boring and destroying organisms and/or fungi

Recycling Services

  • Recycling saves natural resources, energy, and money, and creates less air and water pollution. FM is committed to providing for a robust recycling program on campus, and increasing faculty, staff and student access to receptacles inside and outside facilities.

Refuse/Waste Management Services

  • Refuse (waste) dumpsters are located throughout GU facilities and are emptied on a scheduled route by a contracted service provider. Dumpsters are only for trash items that will fit into the container.
  • Disposal of larger items can be arranged by request through the Online FM Customer Portal.
  • Recycling items are to be placed in a green recycling container.
  • Removal of surplus items is managed by an Asset Disposal submission to Budget and Asset Management.

Central Receiving

  • Accommodates large freight carriers and receives almost all inbound freight to the University.
  • Inspects outermost containers for visible damage, communicates acceptance with freight lines and/or notates damage on the delivery ticket in the event the customer must file a freight claim.
  • Schedules freight items for delivery to campus destination.
  • Delivery to destination carried out by Moves and Events Department.
  • Assistance needed in unpacking or assembly can be arranged by request through the Online FM Customer Portal.

Billable Services

Billable Services are all work that falls outside the scope of routine maintenance and Baseline Services and are customer funded. Payment for Billable Services is the responsibility of the requesting department or it is included in a project’s scope of work. Below are some examples of Billable Services, a more extensive description is provided in the Guide To Services


Maintenance Services

  • Installation or relocation of pictures, wall-mounted shelves, bulleting/chalk/dry erase boards, mirrors
  • Assembly/disassembly or movement of furniture such as desks, file cabinets, computer stations, freestanding bookcases, prefabricated partitions, etc.
  • Special event setup and teardown
  • Painting or staining new furniture
  • Special request painting and flooring
  • Repair and maintenance services for small appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, ice machines, freezers and washers/dryers
  • Maintenance due to misuse or deliberate damage caused by building occupants
  • Equipment rentals

Construction, Renovation & Repair Project Services

  • Change a classroom into an office or lab
  • Replace flooring other than on a maintenance schedule
  • Modify an entrance to a building or room
  • Upgrade utilities to support installation or new laboratory or teaching equipment
  • Install fume hoods

Custodial Services

  • Provide cleaning services before, during and after a special event
  • Provide a level of cleaning above the APPA 2 Level such as daily versus weekly levels of service for a particular area

Landscape Services

  • Plant rentals for special events