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How do you address mail to students who live in Residential Life?

The correct way to address mail when shipping within the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or DHL to a Res Life address is shown in the example below:    

Oklahoma State University                                                  Oklahoma State University

Student First and Last Name                                               Jane Doe

Room # and Building Name                                                123 Pistol Pete Hall

Stillwater, OK 74077                                                              Stillwater, OK 74077

I’m moving off-campus.  Can I give you my new address so my mail can be forwarded there?

Forwarded mail is handled by the respective residential hall desks. When you check out, you should give them your forwarding address. UMS does not keep a record of forwarding addresses.  


Please note: ZIP Code 74077 is for Single, Res Life, on campus residence.  When you move off campus, your ZIP Code will change.  UMS is only authorized to deliver to campus zip codes 74077 and 74078.  However, UMS has PO boxes available to rent per semester.  The rental fee is $35.00 annually or $70 for two years.

My old Res Life has my forwarding address on file, but I’m still not getting any mail. What’s happening?

Certain mail cannot be forwarded. This includes mail with presort standard or non-profit postage. Items sent First Class, Priority, Express, and package service can be forwarded. Priority and Express mail pieces have tracking numbers. If you can provide us with the tracking number, we can look up the mail piece and let you know if it has or has not been forwarded.

Can UMS forward mail from UPS or FedEx?

UPS will forward packages to a new address. FedEx will not forward packages to a new address. We will attempt to contact you via email or telephone about these packages if they cannot be forwarded. You can either pick them up from our UMS Stillwater office located at 601 N Willis Street or pay the postage to have your items shipped to your new address. If we are unable to contact you, packages will be returned to the sender.

I’m expecting a package or piece of mail in the next few days. How long will it take UMS to deliver to me?  What time does UMS deliver to Res Life?

Res Life deliveries will normally start at about 1:00 pm and should be completed by 5:00 pm on the same day as it is received.  Res Life desk clerks may require a few hours to get the packages organized and put on shelves for customer access.  Over 98% of the packages received are delivered the same day.

Can I pick up my package from your office rather than waiting for it to be delivered to my Res Life desk?

Under normal circumstances students cannot pick-up their packages at the UMS facility due to the sheer volume of student packages received.  Allowable exception such as birth certificates, passports, perishable goods, and medications exist.  If you have one of these allowable exceptions, please contact us at 405-744-5385 and we will do our best to locate the package for you to pick up.    

When I track my package, it says it has arrived in Stillwater, but I haven’t received it yet. Can I find out where it is?

If you contact us with the tracking number, recipient name, and recipient address, we can track the package in our system. 

How do I get a passport?

We currently do Passports by Appointment Only. When filling out the Passport form printed off the Internet, make sure it is filled out on single pages and not a two sided page. We do not take pictures so before making an appointment go to Walgreen's, CVS or Walmart and get a 2x2 Passport Photo. Also you will need an original Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate, a check or money order for the application fee to the Dept of State and an Execution Fee to University Mailing services.  The Execution Fee can be a check or cash.  Exact amount of the fees can be found at under the passport section. Click here to determine passport fees

Will UMS deliver to my Res Life room?

UMS delivers to Res Life’s front desks.  After the Res Life desk has received and stocked the package, the resident will receive an email stating they have a package at the front desk ready to be picked up.

What location will Amazon packages be delivered to?

For student safety, Amazon packages should be received at University Mailing Services via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.  Amazon should not be delivering packages to campus addresses containing ZIP codes 74077 or 74078.

When the Res Life desks are closed, how do I get my mail?

Res Life offices in 120 Brummley is the standard pickup location when other desks are closed.

What happens if my package arrives damaged?

UMS receives hundreds of packages per day. Damaged internal material is not always easily identifiable.  UMS attempts to put a sticker on a damaged package indicating it was damaged when received.  Customers can refuse delivery, to which UMS will give it back to the carrier.  The customer’s best option is to contact the supplier to determine the appropriate return/replacement process.

Can a bursar account be utilized to pay for services?

Yes.  You can charge postage and shipping fees to your Bursar, Credit Card, money order, or cash.  Cash cannot be used for shipping fees (see Can I pay cash for shipping UPS or FedEx?)  NOTE:  Passport acceptance fees cannot be charged to the Bursar.  A check or money order must be sent with the passport application to the Dept of State.  A separate check (or cash) is required for the execution fees.  However, if a department is having a group apply for passports and the department is paying the execution fee, UMS can charge a fund or Bursar account for the execution fee only.  The money order/check will still need to be sent along with the passport application. 

Does UMS have weekend deliveries or pickups?

No. UMS is closed on the weekends. This includes weekends and OSU designated holidays.

What number do I call to contact the Res Life desk?

Resident Live Desk Phone Numbers:

Kerr / Drummond --------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 5004

Wentz------------------------------------------------------------ (405) 744 - 5017

Stout------------------------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 3400

Bennett---------------------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 5602

Kamm / Peterson / Friend------------------------------------ (405) 744 - 4662

Griffith Center-------------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 1534

Village A / CASNR--------------------------------------------- (405) 744 - 3038

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