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Where is my package?

University Mailing uses a package tracking system called SQBX.  Please provide UMS with a tracking number for the package and the UMS team will look up the tracking number to determine the package location.  Over 98% of the packages received at University Mailing Services are delivered by 5 pm the same day.

How will I receive my tracking number?

If you provide an email address on the triplicate form, the tracking number will be sent to the email provided directly after the label has been generated.  If you do not receive an email, you may call UMS the next morning with the triplicate form (customer receives the pink sheet) number listed at the top and UMS will give you the tracking number. 


What is CampusShip and why should I use it?

UPS CampusShip is a convenient way of creating a label for your package without having to fill out the triplicate form.  Departments can enter the address, the return address, method of delivery and billing information, and CampusShip will generate a UPS shipping label to be printed and applied to the package. When using CampusShip, always UNDER state or have the exact weight of the package.  You will instantly have the tracking number and shipment history information.  Packages can then be dropped off at UMS or you can send the package with the UMS delivery person. 

How do I get a CampusShip account?

Please submit a CampusShip form or contact UMS by phone or email. Once an account is created, you will receive a notification email requesting that you activate your account and also an email with a temporary password.

How do I get department barcode labels for mailing?

We supply mailing barcodes for departmental accounts. Please submit a Departmental Account Mail Barcode Order.

What is the delivery standard for interdepartmental mail?

Interdepartmental mail will be picked up during your department’s normal mail delivery.  The mail will be returned to UMS to be sorted to the intended location and will be delivered to intended address during the next scheduled mail stop delivery.  Please include the recipient’s full name, department name, room number, and building name.

I am OSU Faculty/Staff, how do I send a letter that needs postage?

Postage can be charged to a department’s fund by paper clipping a barcode index card to the addressed envelope and putting it in outgoing mail.  These cards can be ordered on the UMS website or following this link.  BAR CODE Labels.  Most departments will have the fund and barcode printed on the left hand side of the envelopes when pre-printed envelopes are ordered. The barcode should not cover the return address area.

Will UMS deliver to my office?

UMS delivers to mail stops and occasionally to individual offices and labs.

Can I request to have a package held at UMS facility for me to pick up?

Yes, please submit a UMS Track/Hold request or call University Mailing Services at (405) 744-5385. We will need the tracking number, contact name, phone number, recipient’s name, and shipping address.

What location will Amazon packages be delivered to?

Amazon packages should be received at University Mailing Services via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.  Amazon should not be delivering packages to ZIP codes 74077 or 74078.

How long will it take UMS to deliver to me?

Over 98% of the packages received of a morning are delivered the same afternoon.

What happens if my package arrives damaged?

UMS receives hundreds of packages per day. Damaged internal material is not always easily identifiable.  UMS attempts to put a sticker on a damaged package indicating it was damaged when received.  Customers can refuse delivery, to which UMS will give it back to the carrier. The customer’s best option is to contact the supplier to determine the appropriate return/replacement process.

Does UMS have weekend deliveries or pickups?

UMS is closed on the weekends.

Can a bursar account be utilized to pay for services?

You can charge postage to your bursar, department fund, your personal credit card, money order, and cash (for stamps and USPS postage only).

How do I get a passport?

We currently do Passports by Appointment Only. When filling out the Passport form printed off the Internet, make sure it is filled out on single pages and not a two sided page. We do not take pictures so before making an appointment go to Walgreen's, CVS or Walmart and get a 2x2 Passport Photo. Also you will need an original Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate, a check or money order for the application fee to the Dept of State and an Execution Fee to University Mailing services.  The Execution Fee can be a check or cash.  Exact amount of the fees can be found at under the passport section. Click here to determine passport fees


Can a bursar account be utilized to pay for passport fees?

Passport acceptance fees cannot be charged to the Bursar.  A check or money order must be sent with the application and a separate check for the acceptance fees.  However, if a department is having a group apply for passports and the department is paying the acceptance fee, UMS can charge a fund or Bursar account for the acceptance fee only.  The money order/check will still need to be sent along with the passport application. 

Can I have shipping supplies delivered to my campus location? (Boxes, envelopes, tubes, clinical packs, sleeves)

Shipping supplies can be ordered through the UMS website or following this link.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER SUPPLIES  Simply click on the carrier and enter desired quantities.  Please make sure to fill out the bottom portion of the form with name, email, department name, address (ex: 120 Ag North), and phone extension.  If items are in stock, they will be delivered to the requested location during the next scheduled delivery. 

What's the size limit on packages being received? Where are the packages delivered if over the size limit? What's the pick-up process for that location?

Items less than 150 pounds will be received at UMS.  Items greater than 150 pounds or packaged on a pallet will be received at central receiving.  The central receiving material scheduler will contact the responsible party via phone or email to setup a time for delivery or pickup. For delivery, these packages can be delivered free of charge to a front door or dock. For deliveries past the front door or dock, additional fees will apply. For more information regarding central receiving visit policy 3-0854.


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