Contact OSU Facilities Management

Work Control

Phone: 405-744-7154

Chief Facilities Officer

Ron Tarbutton
Phone: 405-744-7147

Administrative Associate

Geena Brownell
Phone: 405-744-7147

Director of Operations & Maintenance

Jeff Sweeden
Phone: 405-744-7162

Director of Business Operations

Renee Smith
Phone: 405-744-6988

Director of Energy Services

Craig Spencer, P.E.
Phone: 405-744-7131

Director of Construction & Contract Services

Gabe Dreiling
Phone: 405-744-7290

Human Resources

Tim Sullivan
Phone: 405-744-7319

Departmental Contacts
Departments Addresses and Phone extensions

Address & Central Receiving Station
133 Facilities Management Services Stillwater, OK 74078

Map of OSU Campus and Facilities Managementt


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Parking Area

Employee parking is available in the Overflow Parking Lot 81 (See green arrow on map below) east of Physical Plant (appropriate parking tag is required). Visitor parking is available in the small lot adjacent to the Physical Plant Administration building.


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