About Construction & Contract Services

Gabe Dreiling


Construction and Contract Services (CCS) manages GU Requests for Service on maintenance and construction jobs greater than the Zone limit of $1,000, and GCA custodial services other than those included in the APPA Service Level 2 baseline provision.

All physical modifications to GU facilities are approved through CCS by FM and the University Architect in LRFP in the planning process. Modifications that alter the appearance of a building are coordinated by FM through the University Architect in LRFP.

Gabriel "Gabe" Dreiling, CCS Director

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Facilities Management Work Control

CCS Organization Chart

Projects costing $1,000—$500,000 are managed by a CCS qualified construction project manager and the work is performed by either an in-house construction team or one of OSU’s pre-selected, on-call construction contractors.

Projects costing over $500,000 up to $2 million are reviewed by both FM and Long Range Facilities Planning (LRFP) for complexity and scope and then assigned to the organization best suited to manage the work to meet the customer’s timeline. Projects are managed by a qualified OSU Project Manager and the work is performed by either an in-house construction team or an on-call Construction Manager approved by the Board of Regents.

Projects costing over $2 million are referred by CCS to LRFP.

Custodial Services

Baseline Custodial Services are provided to GU Customers through GCA - a Service Partner. GU customers are provided baseline custodial services at a prearranged APPA Service Level 2 agreement. Other services can be provided more frequently or for special events, however, they may be a billable service to the customer. Requests for additional custodial services can be made through the Online FM Customer Portal

Cleaning Schedules


  • Clean and resupply restrooms
  • Remove trash from classrooms
  • Clean drinking fountains
  • Sweep or vacuum floors in classrooms, public areas, conference rooms, and break-rooms
  • Wet mop floors in public areas, elevators, and break-rooms
  • Dust and wipe down public areas, break rooms, and conference rooms

    Alternate Days - Each Week

  • Sweep, dust and wipe down stairways (M/W/F)
  • Sweep or vacuum floors in computer labs (T/T)
  • Wet mop floors in classrooms (T/T)

    Once Weekly

  • Sweep or vacuum floors in offices


  • Buff floors in public areas


  • Buff floors in classrooms and conference rooms


  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean interior window glass