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Oklahoma State University


Where is my package?

When trying to locate a package for a department, you must provide a tracking number. Packages received at mailing services are typically sorted and delivered by 5 pm that day.


How will I receive my tracking number?

When you ship a package through UMS, your tracking number will be sent via email after the label has been generated.


What is CampusShip and why should I use it?

UPS CampusShip is a convenient way of creating a label for your package without having a middle man. Departments can enter the address and billing information, generate, and print UPS shipping labels. This allows you to instantly have the tracking number and shipment history information.


How do I get a CampusShip account?

Please submit a CampusShip form or contact UMS by phone or email. Once an account is created, you will receive a notification email requesting that you activate your account.


Can I request to have a package held at your office for me to pick up?

Yes, please submit a UMS Track/Hold request or call University Mailing Services at (405) 744-5385. We will need the tracking number, contact name, phone number, recipient’s name, and shipping address.


How do I get department barcode labels for mailing?

We supply mailing barcodes for departmental accounts. Please submit a Departmental Account Mail Barcode Order.


What is the delivery standard for interdepartmental mail?

Mail picked up from an office will be delivered to the receiving department no later than the next business day.