OSU Recycles - Facts & Figures

Panoramic view of the OSU Recycle Center

Where Do Custodians Take it?

Custodians place tied-off bags of paper, tied-off bags of bottles/cans, and flattened cardboard outside into green recycle dumpsters when they take trash outside to beige refuse dumpsters. Map of outdoor green dumpster locations.

Where Does It Go From There?

The Recycling Department retrieves materials from the green recycle dumpsters. Paper and cardboard are baled at the new OSU Recycle Center and sold to the highest bidder. Bottles and cans are shipped to a materials recovery facility (MRF) in Oklahoma City and a percentage of those proceeds are donated to the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp for Veterans with Disabilities

How Much is Recycled?

Check out this table to see material types and quantities OSU has recycled over the past eight years. 

Tour the OSU Recycle Center

Group tours of the OSU Recycle Center can be arranged for your classroom, lab, department, or student organization.  E-mail recycle@okstate.edu for more information.

What’s in OSU’s Waste Stream? 
A campus waste stream analysis was conducted in spring 2013 by a graduate student in Civil Engineering and a team of volunteers. Find the results of that study here. In spring 2017, the study was replicated by Environmental Science Club students. For those results, click here.


Why Recycle?

After we’ve reduced the amount of waste we generate and reuse everything as much as possible, the next step is to recycle. Recycling is important because it helps decrease the need for virgin materials, which are often costly to extract in terms of the effect on the environment, on local communities, and on our wallets. Use the widget below to see how much energy you can save by recycling!  Conserving, reusing, and recycling also reduces the amount of waste that OSU pays to have taken to the landfill.

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