OSU Recycles - Download Signs

New recycle paper bin

These new paper recycle bins are being constructed and will be delivered to campus buildings during the 2015-2016 academic year. We have gone back to using a corrugated cardboard material because the corrugated plastic bins presented several problems (adhesive not holding the bin seam, plastic brackets not holding the lid together, and decal signs peeling off the plastic surface). The seams of the new bins and lids are much sturdier and the signage is printed right on the bin.

Do you wish to keep your original, open-top Paper Recycle Bin that was also made from corrugated cardboard?  That is fine too!  If it has no signage, please download and attach our Paper Recycle Bin Sign to help us maintain consistency in our recycling branding efforts. Tape the sign to your existing paper recycle bin so it can be seen below the bin liner. Open-top bins are best in a copy room where only staff use the bins and contamination by visitors is minimal.

Want to help promote recycling other places than just on your recycling bin? Print this sign as a flyer or poster for bulletin boards, kiosks, or other key information locations in your department, lab, or classroom:

More important than recycling is reducing and reusing waste.  Signs about double-sided printing and think before you print are avaliable below for you to download and post in copy rooms, breakrooms, labs and elsewhere. Just click on the picture to get a printable PDF. If a link is broken, right click on the image and select "Save image as..." to create a copy for printing.