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OSU Annual Water Quality Reports

Oklahoma State University Water System PWS 1020910

Annual Water Quality Reports keep our customers informed about the water quality and services we have delivered over the past years.  Our goal as always is to supply Oklahoma State University with a safe and dependable supply of quality drinking water.

 Water Being Poured

OSU Stillwater is supplied potable water by the OSU Water Treatment Plant located west of campus at 226 South Pioneer.  The Plant’s raw water source is Lake Carl Blackwell, located approximately 6 miles west of Stillwater. Throughout 2020, the Water Treatment Plant supplied approximately 403,174 million gallons of drinking water to the campus. 

The OSU Water Treatment Plant routinely monitors for numerous constituents in the drinking water according to Federal and State laws.  We also participate in USEPA efforts to continually research methods to improve the effectiveness of water treatment and delivery.

You can read OSU’s annual water quality reports from the links listed below, or go to this OK DEQ website: For questions about this report or other information about the OSU water system, call Steve Payne, OSU Water Quality Coordinator, at (405) 744-4262.

2020 OSU Water Quality Report

2019 OSU Water Quality Report

2018 OSU Water Quality Report

2017 OSU Water Quality Report