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Oklahoma State University


OSU Recycles Program
Learn how and why to recycle in the OSU Recycles (non-residential) campus program.

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Intro to Sustainability at OSU
 shows new Pokes how to navigate OSU’s Sustainability webpage to find related classes, research, campus operations, and how to get involved.
Sustainability Website Walkthrough

Why you're recycling wrong

Knowing what you can and can't recycle is not always easy. See why it is sometimes better to throw things away when in doubt about recycling.

Recycle Right

Breaking up with Plastic
This comical video describes a breakup and includes all the stereotypical sayings...but relates it to plastic! Break up with plastic and find "someone new" - use durable, reusable products!

breaking up with plastic

Where does OSU's recycling go?
What happens to your recycling after it leaves campus? Recycling secrets revealed!

Recycling secrets revealed

What and How to Recycle in ResLife
Learn how to properly clean and sort recyclables when living on campus.

Pete's Corner: OSU's Sustainability Committee
OSU Sustainability Committee works hard on game days to keep the Stillwater campus clean and green.

Giving Wind New Purpose
Listen as Wind shares his powerful story of finding purpose with Epuron.

Bottle to Bottle: The Future of Recycling!
This Emmy-nominated 6.5 minute video offers an excellent primer on how disposable plastic bottles (PET #1) can be recycled into new disposable bottles indefinitely.

Here's What Those Numbers on the Bottom of Plastic Bottles and Containers Mean
This video names the seven different types of plastics and what items you can find them in.

Nature is Speaking 
Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature. Conservation International presents a series of videos with voiceovers by Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey and others.

A Greener OSU
Kyle explains the new res life recycles program, who can use it, and what recyclables can be put into the single stream bins.

Plastic Bottle Journey
A plastic bottle refuses to settle for being just a bottle and recognizes its dream in a coast-to-coast journey.

Student Union: Going Green in the Land of Orange
The OSU Student Union has gone green and is striving for gold-level LEED certification.

OSU Sustainability and New Single-Stream Program
IIda Hershey and Kyle Clifton speak out about some of the new Sustainability programs at OSU and why sustainability is important to the university.

How Trash is Recycled
This video by Reading Rainbow LeVar illustrates the single-stream recycling process from collection, to sorting, to manufacture into new products.

Could Solar Road Panels be the Way of the Future
News Channel 4 post a video about solar panels for roads in America.

Oklahoma State Pushes Recycling efforts
IIda Hershey and Chad Tucker discuss the efforts OSU is taking to increase recycling rates

You Could Be Wearing Plastic Bottles
Learn about the process of turning polyethylene into polyester!

Biosand Filters Provide Clean Water and Sustainable Business
An OSU team gives back by developing a drinking water solution for Northwest Honduras.

OSU Energy Conservation
Energy Manager Patrick Wheeler shows us how OSU's campuses have reached $30 million in energy savings

Michael Cobbins: OSU Recycles
Cowboy Basketball's Michael Cobbins shows OSU students, faculty and staff how to recycle on campus in this hilarious parody of a Geico Insurance commercial

Going Green: OSU OU Energy Efficiency Bedlam
Watch as Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma tout their energy conservation programs.

OSU Recycles Video
Learn what you can recycle on OSU's campus by watching this short video.

Using Fungus to Get Fuel
O-State TV goes inside the lab of Mostafa Elshahed, associate professor of micobiology and molecular genetics, and looks at the research he and his team have been doing to analyze the genome of the fungus that has the potential to help create a more cost-effective biofuel (2013). 

Sustainability at OSU
OSU students and faculty participate in a solid waste audit to see what is being thrown away and how landfill waste can be reduced. (2013)

OSU Wind Farm
Oklahoma Governor, OSU President, and OG&E CEO "flip the switch" to celebrate OSU-Stillwater's switch to wind energy. (2013)

Tips For Taking Off
In this video from OStateTV, Leadership Mentor Bo Merckling shares tips for prepping your residence for winter break. (2012)

The Wake Up & Dream Project: Melanie Page at TEDxOStateU 
Oklahoma State University Professor Melanie Page has a dream that includes a self-sustainable eco-village on campus. (2012)

Going Six Feet Under- Tapping into Geothermal Energy
Oklahoma State University Professor Jim Bose is using a device from the 1800s to conserve energy and save residents a lot of money. Bose explains how geothermal heat pumps may cost a little extra to install, but the long-term effects are well worth the conservation and economy stimulation. (2012)

Renewable Energy and the Energy Transition
With Germany as an example, this 9-minute You Tube clip shows what renewable energies are and how they work, as well as what the concept of energy transition means. (2012)

Epic Energy Conservation
OSU Film Makers Association paired with the Energy Conservation Department of OSU to bring to you this Epic Meal Time parody. Saving energy can be important, and the cheaper things are in the residence halls, the less students have to pay to live on campus. (2011)

Sustainability by Design
Humans are builders and creators -- but how can we build thoughtfully, without waste. These seven Ted Talks explore sustainable design -- both past and present -- and its beautiful, inspiring results. (2009-2011)

The Majestic Plastic Bag
Narrated by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons, this "mockumentary" video, hammers home the stark reality of California's plastic bag pollution situation. (2010)

Inside OSU- Energy Conservation Program
Oklahoma State President explores the day to day activities of managers who oversee energy conservation efforts on campus. (2009)

Oklahoma's Innovative Energy Conservation
We visit a one of a kind research facility at OSU that is examining energy conservation through innovation. (2008)