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Oklahoma State University



Reslife Recycles


ResLife Recycles: OSU's single-stream recycling program

What does single-stream mean?

  • All accepted recycled materials can go into one container.
  • The large blue dumpsters outside Res Halls are for all your recyclable materials, unsorted and loose.
  • Do not include plastic bags. 

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can recycle more in Res Halls than on campus, like food cans and additional types of plastic. Be sure to empty bottles and rinse food from containers before taking them downstairs to the blue ResLife Recycles dumpsters. 


So, you live on campus? Your recycling needs as a resident are different than as a student in a classroom, lab or office. That’s why a program has been created just for campus residents: ResLife Recycles single-stream recycling.

Reslife recycles poster