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Oklahoma State University

ResLife Recycles Resources

This page is full of resources ready for you to use! Please remember to print responsibly!

Flyers and Posters

These resources will help promote the ins and outs of single-stream recycling in your residence hall. 

ResLife Recycles Accepted Materials

Download 8.5 x 11 Flyer

Download 11 x 17 Flyer

"What and How to recycle in Res Life" Video

Residents will enjoy this simple and fun How to Recycle Youtube Video about a student stuck in the past learning how to recycle in his Residence Hall!

Youtube Screenshot - How to Recycle


"Where does OSU's recycling go?" Video

Click here to watch a video and find out!


PowerPoint Presentation

Feel free to use this PPT to educate residents in your hall! If you have any questions about content, just email or call 744-4728.

 ResLife Recycles Powerpoint

Bulletin Boards

Are you a CM in need of some information for the best bulletin board you'll make all year? Well, you've come to the right place! Take a look at these example bulletin boards, print out the slides, and get busy educating your residents on sustainability and recycling within the residence halls! 

Get Involved Powerpoint Screenshot                                Going Green Powerpoint Screenshot


Mixed Recycling Powerpoint Screenshot                                Recycling vs Trash Powerpoint Screenshot


Recycle Me Powerpoint Screenshot


Map Print Outs

Want to help others in your hall find the recycling dumpster nearest you? Then print out one of these maps, hang it up, and educate your peers on where they can recycle on campus! If you don't have access to a color printer let us know and we will print color copies for you.

RRR Reslife! Activity

RRR ResLife! is a hands-on activity that helps residents reduce, reuse and recycle waste while exploring what items are accepted and not accepted in the ResLife Recycles program.

I.      Instructions for this fun hands-on activity for small to medium size groups

II.     Cheat sheet for the activity

III.    Print out and laminate these cards for the activity


Waste Not Twister!

Modify a Twister game or make your own with these Waste Not Twister activity instructions!