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Oklahoma State University

ResLife Personal Bins

Personal Bins

So you want to recycle but aren’t sure how to get all of your recyclable materials from your room to the nearest single-stream recycling dumpster.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below you will find several examples of containers that you probably already have that you can use to transport your recyclables from your room to the single-stream dumpster.

  • You can use a cardboard box or paper bag to collect your recyclables and then you can throw everything (box or paper bag included) into the recycling dumpster or you can reuse them instead.
  • If you already have a reusable shopping bag, those can also be used to store clean recyclables in until you are ready to take them out to the recycling dumpster.
  • "If you are looking for a more durable and reusable option, you can use a small trash can or one of those containers you bought before moving to college. There is also an option to check out a blue, 7-gallon, personal recycling bin here, funded by the Eco-Reps' GSI from 2017.

Remember NO LOOSE PLASTIC BAGS are allowed in our single-stream so please don’t put them in the recycling dumpsters (they jam up recycling equipment).


DIY bin collage