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ResLife Recycling FAQs

ResLife Single-Stream Recycling FAQs

1. Who takes out my recyclables?
You are responsible for taking your recyclables outside and placing them into a blue ResLife Recycles dumpster or else into the blue barrel in the trash room if you live in The Commons.

2. What about recyclables placed in lounge recycle bins or hall desk recycle bins?
Housekeeping is responsible for removing trash from trash cans in lounges or at hall desks so they will remove recyclables from these common spaces as well. Do not place your personal recyclables in common space bins. That's not cool.

recycle symbol

3. Where are the numbers you keep talking about on plastic containers?
Usually, the numbers are located on the bottom of the container and are enclosed in either a triangle or a recycling symbol.

4. I’m confused, can I recycle my plastic cup or not?
You can recycle it if it has a number 1, 2, or 5 on it, but not if it has a number 3, 4, 6 or 7. Oftentimes plastics cups look exactly the same, so the ONLY way to tell is by checking the number to see what material the cup is made from.

5. Where can I recycle my plastic bags?
Plastic bags can be recycled on-campus in green containers located inside of Kerr-Drummond, Stout Hall, and the Griffith Center. Plastic bags may also be recycled off campus to most local grocery stores such as Food Pyramid, Spouts or Walmart. Please DO NOT put loose plastic bags in the single-stream containers. Plastic bags are only allowed if they are used to contain other clean recyclables.

6. Do my plastic bags really get recycled at the grocer? 
Yes! Read about what we found here.

6. How do I recycle materials not accepted in the single-stream program?
There are a number of different places you can take your recyclables in Stillwater. This directory from Sustainable Stillwater is an excellent resource for recycling just about anything.

7. Where do the recyclables from Res Life go?
The mix of single-stream recyclables from the dorms is transported to a private materials recovery facility (MRF) in Stillwater, which you can tour! Read about what happens at a MRF.

8. I have a strange item, and I do not know where to recycle it. What do I do?
We are always happy to help with any questions regarding recycling. You may snap a picture of the item and email it to us at or tweet @OSUgreen. Otherwise, bring it by our office (227 Central Plant), and we can point you in the right direction. We sometimes have snacks, and we're pretty good at sharing. 

9. How much is recycled?
Here is a chart of the single-stream tons recycled from ResLife Recycles. The program started in Family and Graduate Student Housing Oct. 2013 and in single-student housing August 2014. Also, check out all of OSU's recycling data here!

 july total tons recycled


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