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Sustainability research explores environmental aspects combined with an examination of social and/or economic factors; addresses a sustainability challenge; or furthers our understanding of the interconnectedness among environmental, social and economic systems.

Sustainability Research


FY 2016 List of Sustainability Research Conducted at OSU
FY 2015 List of Sustainability Research Conducted at OSU
FY 2014 List of Sustainability Research Conducted at OSU
FY 2013 List of Sustainability Research Conducted at OSU

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Our Favorite Recent Research Picks

Baum’s Butterflies and Undergrad Research

Monarch butterfly

The monarch butterfly population has been on the decline for the last twenty years. Researchers like Dr. Kristen Baum track butterflies and other pollinating insects to find ways to increase their populations. Monarch eggs are laid on milkweed and the monarch caterpillars eat the milkweed to turn into butterflies. Their habitats have been shrinking so Baum has been specifically working on reintroducing milkweed to the Midwest to help stop the decline of the monarch butterfly. While Baum has been doing this she has been mentoring undergraduate students in science research to help them in their future jobs. Baum is helping increase the number of scientists and butterflies.

Exploring the Universe from right here in Stillwater

Hadron Collider

A group of OSU students and faculty, led by assistant professor of physics Joseph Haley, is collaborating with scientists from all over the world on the ATLAS Experiment. ATLAS is short for “A Toroidal Large Hadron Collider Apparatus.” The experiment will attempt to use the energy output from the Large Hadron Collider to observe previously unobservable physicalities with slower, less powerful particle accelerators. The goal of observing even closer what happens at the subatomic level is finding out how different particles behave at certain energy levels. When looking closer at speeds near the speed of light the “standard model,” a physics theory that has held true since the 1970’s begins not to fit anymore. The OSU team along with scientists from all over the world are seeking to develop a new theory about how particles behave at a subatomic level. How cool is that?

Ensuring Success of Science Educators at OSU

News Angle

Julie Angle, associate professor at OSU in the College of Education, has brought to the university a whole new way of teaching and learning science. She emphasizes research as a way for students and new teachers alike to better understand the nature of various fields of science, rather than just "doing" science. Angle matches preservice science teachers with faculty at OSU who volunteer to mentor these students. Angle and her students have won several awards for their research at the National Association of Biology Teachers conference, in addition to leading two high school outreach events here at OSU.

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