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Oklahoma State University

Recycling Overview

Click on the photo to see how and why to recycle in the OSU Recycles (non-residential) campus program.

So you want to reduce your impact on the environment? Good. Why not start with something simple like slowing the flow of your trash to the landfill by recycling? What's that, you aren't sure of what you can recycle on campus? Well just take a look at the pages below to find out how to properly recycle different materials on campus, in res halls, and off campus.

How and what to recycle depends on your location, location, location!

For more information about recycling on and off campus, follow the links below and begin to answer the questions you have about recycling!

Paper and Cardboard
Other Recycling

For a quick-reference sheet about off-campus reuse and recycling locations, take a look at the Stillwater Recycling Directory produced by Sustainable Stillwater.

If you're interested in what OSU has been recycling recently click on recycled materials data table!

Remember to recycle only empty items; rinse them if necessary. Food-contaminated materials attract pests, are disgusting to sort by hand, and ultimately, cannot be processed into new materials. If you don’t know whether or not to recycle something, take some time to get educated on all the materials that are recyclable in your community. Don't be a Wishful Recycler! The environment (and your future grandchildren) will thank you! If you are still unsure about an item, throw it out.

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