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Oklahoma State University

Recycling: Miscellaneous & Other

The OSU Recycles program accepts paper, cardboard, bagged shredded paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans on campus. See exactly what is accepted and what is not

The Res Life Recycles program, introduced in fall 2013 to Family & Graduate Student Housing and expanded in fall 2014 to single-student housing, accepts paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin/steel cans, and plastics #1, 2, & 5 all mixed together.  More information.

OSU Physical Plant Services and Environmental Health & Safety also recycle materials behind-the-scenes.

Have something else to recycle?  Well, no worries!  Read on to discover how to recycle your iPhone, ink cartridges, and other not so typical items.  


Plastic Bags

  • Your plastic bags cannot be recycled like hard plastics can! Plastic bags will clog the machines at the recycling center and can cause machine malfunctions and even fires.

  • Many of the grocery stores in Stillwater offer plastic bag recycling. You can read more about which grocers recycle and where the bags actually go!

Electronics Recycling

  • E-waste is challenging to recycle. Your cell phones and computers contain precious metals like gold and platinum as well as potentially hazardous metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium. There’s also a lot of plastic on electronics to be dealt with.
  • Take electronic devices to OrangeTech at the University Store in Student Union. THEY WILL GIVE YOU IN-STORE CREDIT for your old cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, desktops, tablets, and more!  See more information here:  Please only take personal electronic devices to Orange Tech.  
  • Do your electronics belong to OSU?  If you have university property to recycle, take it to OSU Surplus.
  • If you are off campus, take used electronics and computers to the City of Stillwater Convenience Collection Center on Perkins Rd, the Habitat ReStore, Staples Office Supply, or Best Buy.
  • If you need to recycle CDs, DVDs, CD/DVD cases, electronic remotes/controllers, wires, and cables to Best Buy.

Rechargeable Batteries

  • Recycle rechargeable batteries in Call2Recycle boxes located at OrangeTech and throughout campus. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism in Oklahoma to recycle batteries that are not rechargeable.  What are you doing with non-rechargeable batteries anyway?  Invest in a recharger!  We say "invest" because like many things sustainable, paying a little more up front will pay off for you in the long run.

Ink Cartridges 

  • Orange Tech in the Student Union is no longer refilling printer ink cartridges.  However, most cartridge providers have a mail-back recycling program.  Look at the instructions in the box when you purchase a new cartridge and it will explain how you can recycle your used cartridge.  A prepaid shipping label is usually provided in the new cartridge box.


  • Oh no, you're moving, your new roommate insists that her couch is more important than yours, and your parents refuse to let their home act as your personal self-storage? Not to worry, there is still good to be done with your still-usable sofa. Take your unwanted furniture to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore or another charity in town and donate it so that someone else can enjoy your favorite napping place.  At the end of the school year, donate it to SGA Sustainability's Real Pokes Pass It On program.
  • If you are getting rid of that couch or other piece of furniture because it is no longer usable (perhaps your roommate broke your pea green recliner "accidentally") then take it to the City of Stillwater's Convenience Collection Center.


  • Remove lids and take all colors of glass bottles and jars to the City of Stillwater’s Convenience Collection Center, Perkins Road at 8th Avenue.
  • Food inside bottles/jars attracts pests, so please empty and rinse any bottles or jars before recycling them. Labels are okay. No lids, windows, Pyrex, glasses or dishes please.
  • Lab glass is special.  See OSU Environmental Health and Safety for Information on how to recycle lab glass. 

Large and Small Appliances

  • The Habitat ReStore accepts all of these.

Light bulbs

  • You switched all of your bulbs over to CFLs? Good for you. You’re saving lots of electricity with a bulb that will last even longer. Unfortunately, CFLs have trace amounts of mercury in them (not enough that one broken bulb will harm you, though). If you want to keep all that collective mercury from so many bulbs out of landfills and recycle that mercury-containing bulb, take it to Lowe’s on Perkins Rd (.
  • OSU Facilities Management recycles campus lamps containing mercury, and ResLife recycles those in single and family student housing.


  • Have you lost or gained weight? Do you have kids that seem to grow three inches a day? Good news! You can take those clothes that don't fit to a number of charities in town like Elite Repeat, 711 S. Main Street, Karman Corner, 819 S. Main Street, and more!
  • Thrifty Butterfly at 3800 N Washington St. also takes donations of textiles and clothing.
  • So you ripped a hole in your jeans by bending over? How embarrassing! Once your face ceases to be bright red, take your worn out, unrepairable, or otherwise undesirable clothing to the Goodwill Store, 811 S Main Street, Salvation Army, 211 E. 9th or St. Andrews Thrift Shop, 504 W 3rd Street. Please label torn or stained clothing as scrap to save time for those sorting the items.
  • The local charities also take linens, towels, household items, books, shoes, purses, accessories, and small working appliances.

Motor oil, eyeglasses, CDs, packing peanuts, bicycles, and other things

  • For more information on where you can recycle these items and many more check out the Stillwater Recycling Guide. You may just be surprised at what can be reused, repurposed or recycled in Stillwater!


  • Crayons can be recycled at AAA 106 W. Miller Ave Stillwater, OK 74075. These crayons are recycled and given to children at the Oklahoma Children's Hospital. For more information check out this link (you will be prompted to enter your zip code).


Habitat for Humanity ReStore
505 East 18th Avenue Stillwater, OK 74074
Hours: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-5pm & Saturday 9am-1pm


City of Stillwater Convenience Collection Center
807 South Perkins Road Stillwater, OK 74074
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm & Saturday 8am-4pm


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