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Sustainability Courses

Determined from a course audit of the 2019-2020 academic year, 87 sustainability-focused undergraduate level courses and 42 graduate level courses and 231 sustainability-inclusive undergraduate level courses and 158 graduate level courses have been identified. Click on the link to see the list of sustainability courses:

2019-2020 Academic Year Course Audit

Sustainability-focused courses

To count as sustainability-focused, the course title or description must indicate a primary and explicit
focus on sustainability. This includes:

  • Foundational courses with a primary and explicit focus on sustainability (e.g., Introduction to Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Sustainability Science).
  • Courses with a primary and explicit focus on the application of sustainability within a field (e.g., Architecture for Sustainability, Green Chemistry, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Business). As sustainability is an interdisciplinary topic, such courses generally incorporate insights from multiple disciplines.
  • Courses with a primary and explicit focus on a major sustainability challenge (e.g., Climate Change Science, Environmental Justice, Global Poverty and Development, Renewable Energy Policy). The focus of such courses might be on providing knowledge and understanding of the problems and/or the tools for solving them.

The course title or description does not have to use the term “sustainability” to count as sustainability focused if the primary and explicit focus of the course is on the interdependence of ecological and social/economic systems or a major sustainability challenge. If the course title and description do not unequivocally indicate such a focus, but it is evident from the course description or syllabus that the course incorporates sustainability challenges, issues, and concepts in a prominent way, the course may qualify as sustainability-inclusive.

Sustainability-inclusive courses

Courses that are not explicitly focused on sustainability may contribute towards scoring if sustainability has clearly been incorporated into course content. To count as sustainability-inclusive, the course description or rationale provided in the course inventory must indicate that the course incorporates a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, includes one or more sustainability-focused activities, or integrates sustainability challenges, issues, and concepts throughout the course.

While a foundational course such as chemistry or sociology might provide knowledge that is useful to practitioners of sustainability, it would not be considered “sustainability-inclusive” unless the concept of sustainability or sustainability challenges and issues are specifically integrated into the course. Likewise, although specific tools or practices such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or engineering can be applied towards sustainability, such courses would not count unless the description or rationale provided in the inventory clearly indicates that sustainability is integrated into the course.

Sustainability Academic Programs

Environmental Science Undergraduate Program

Environmental Sciences Graduate Program

Environmental Sociology Graduate and Ph.D. Program

College of Human Sciences - Sustainability Design in Design Housing & Merchandising

Spears School Sustainable Business and Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate Tracks

Travel Abroad Sustainability Experiences

Kaya Responsible Travel - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Internships Abroad

API Business, Environmental Studies, and Sciences in The Himalayas (Bhutan)

API Multidisciplinary and Environmental Studies in Costa Rica

Kaya Responsible Travel - Environmental Studies, Ecological Restoration and Conservation Internships Abroad

AIFS Abroad Traveling Program: Tropical Marine Biology in Australia - Summer

Kaya Responsible Travel - International Studies, Development and Sustainability Internships Abroad

Kaya Responsible Travel - Women's and Gender Studies, Social Justice, and Human Rights Internships Abroad

Out-of-State Sustainability Experience

SMED 4813/SMED 5280: Yellowstone Science for Educators

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