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Oklahoma State University
Energy Services

America's Brightest ORANGE


Energy Services operates five natural gas boilers capable of a combined output of 310,000 lbm/hour of steam at 250 psi and 600°F. This high pressure steam is converted to heating steam at 50 psi by using two steam extraction turbines and a pressure reducing station. Heating steam is distributed to all core Campus buildings west of Duck Street, north of University Avenue, east of Western Road, and south of Hall of Fame Avenue. This steam is used for space heating, water heating, and as process steam.


Power Plant


On January 23, 2015, the OSU/A&M Board of Regents approved the construction of a new central thermal plant (to replace the existing plant) and related distribution and administration facility. The new plant, named Central Plant, is located along Washington Street just east of the Monroe Street Parking Garage and due north of the existing Power Plant. The Central Plant costs are funded through ongoing utility operations.

The Central Plant produces steam and chilled water for heating and cooling the campus (in tandem with the West Chilled Water Plant). Electricity continues to be provided at 70% by the Cowboy Windfarm in Blackwell, OK, and the balance from conventional sources. In addition to the Production Operators and Maintenance Mechanics staff, the new facility serves as the base for Utility and Electrical Distribution crews and equipment, Energy Management and Sustainability, Utilities Engineering, Geospatial Systems, and Energy Services Administration offices. The facility houses an 80-seat academic classroom, an operations observation room, and will be the campus wide building systems center.


Power Plant Concept Design


View of New Central Plant looking SW from Washington Street and Connell.