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Oklahoma State University
Energy ManagEment

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$1 Million Energy Reduction Award

The OSU Energy Conservation Program, now the OSU Energy Management Program, is a campus-wide initiative that began in July 2007.

Based on reduced energy usage from July 2007 - February 2013, a number of OSU buildings on the Stillwater campus hit the $1 million mark in energy savings. It was decided then that special recognition was warranted for this major accomplishment. Energy managers worked with OSU Marketing, now Brand Management, to develop a design for a special award. As of April 2020, eleven buildings have earned this status and have been presented with the $1 Million Energy Reduction Award. 



Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center

June 2019

FAPC receives $1M
President Burns Hargis, FAPC Director Dr. Roy Escoubas, Dean of Agriculture Dr. Thomas Coon, and Energy Manager Bobby Horner

Agriculture Hall

February 2018

Ag Hall receives $1 Million Energy Reduction Award
President Burns Hargis, DASNR VP/Dean/Director Dr. Thomas Coon, and Energy Manager Bobby Horner 

Willard Hall

April 2016

Willard Hall receives $1M plaque for savings
Energy Manager Steven Weeks, President Burns Hargis; Dr. John Romans, Dean of the College of Education, Health and Aviation; and Associate Dean Dr. Robert Davis

OSU Institute of Technology (OSUIT)

Okmulgee, OK

April 2016

OSUIT receives $1 Energy Reduction Award
OSU Energy Manager Jenny Cundiff, President & Provost Dr. Bill Path, OSUIT Energy Manager Stanley Teague, and Physical Plant Services Director Mark Pitcher

Physical Science

April 2016

Physical Science receives $1M plaque
A & S Dean Dr. Bret Danilowicz, Dr. John Mintmire, Dr. Frank Blum, President Burns Hargis and Energy Manager Steven Weeks

Noble Research Center

April 2016

Noble Research Center receives $1M plaque
A & S Dean Dr. Bret Danilowicz, Dr. Estella Atekwana, (unidentified), Equipment Specialist Jeff Hope, President Burns Hargis, and Energy Manager Patrick Wheeler

Edmon Low Library

April 2016

Edmon Low Library earns $1M plaque
President Burns Hargis; Sheila Johnson, Dean of Libraries; and Energy Manager Patrick Wheeler

Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic 

October 2013
Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Boone Pickens Stadium

February 2013

Boone Pickens Stadium $1M Energy Award
Energy Manager Patrick Wheeler, President Burns Hargis, Athletics Director Mike Holder, and Assistant AD & Facilities Manager Shan Rains

Advanced Technology Research Center

February 2013


Wes Watkins Center for International Trade Development

February 2013

Wes Watkins Center



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