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Oklahoma State University
Energy ManagEment

America's Brightest ORANGE

Welcome to the OSU Energy Management Program

The OSU Energy Management Program is a behavior-based program designed to reduce energy consumption on each of its five (5) branch campuses: OSU-Stillwater, OSU-Oklahoma City, OSU-Tulsa and the Center for Health Sciences, and OSU-IT in Okmulgee. Energy managers at each of the branch campuses work with faculty, staff, and students to identify and implement ways to reduce utility usage, per OSU Energy Guidelines. Since the program began in July 2007, the OSU-system has saved nearly $52 million in energy costs, and over $41 million has been saved by OSU-Stillwater. (Updated 9-26-2018)


MISSION: To promote University-wide stewardship of resources by reducing energy consumption while maintaining a productive educational environment.





These daily habits reduce energy costs at OSU!


turn it off     turn lights off     close blinds     temps     less water



Practice these habits on weekends, breaks and holidays!


unplug it      Clean out the refrigerator.      remove waste      plants