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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you please post a page showing the zones beside the organizational charts in the buildings? Blown up enough to see what specific bldgs are in which zone.

We have hung a poster sized map across from the supply gate and it has also been added to the front of the Next Level webpage under the charter recommendations.

I believe the Next level program is to improve the PP One of the problems I see today is like so many of the PP employees I received my training on the job by other people that had been trained the same way. This type of training is great but most often doesn't include training on the codes that govern the type of work we perform. I was like most of the PP employees and was not exposed to code books or other types of training material pertaining to our field. I see so many of our good employees performing work that doesn't meet todays codes. Many of these people don't meet the code because the don't know what it is and some do not know there is a code. I am wondering when we go to the zone program will our people become more of a jack of all trades and without proper training will this lack of meeting codes become worse. We have people on staff that do know a lot of the codes and could train others.

As part of the Next Level project we are evaluating the training and career development needs for employees. We will provide training opportunities by skill specialties organized or led by the senior skilled trade expert regardless of their work department.

Will Evening Operations be put back to four to midnight shift to help cut back on the amount of standby calls from nine on. Thank You

The Next Level team will evaluate the number of work requests received after normal work hours to determine the appropriate work shift for evening operations and Action Desk work hours.

Will there be area leaders for each zone?

Yes, but subject to change as the organization structure is more fully developed, each zone, central trades group and construction group would consist of a manager and supervisor/supervisors.

Are we going to have another next level update meeting?

The next meeting is tentatively set for late February.

When will cross training start?

Some cross training takes place currently, but cross training related to the Next Level changes will begin in the Fall of this year as we get closer to the Next Level new organization implementation date.

When are the members for the employee satisfaction group going to be posted on the NextLevel website?

While there are no plans to list the individual names of the employee focus group participants, the recommendations from those focus groups will be posted.

When will the new next level physical plant be implemented?

Full implementation is set for Jan 2015.

Will grounds be rezoned and cross trained?

At this time there are no plans to re-zone the existing grounds and landscaping department zones. Cross training within the existing zones will continue.

Will there be foremans and managers moved to different areas?

Yes, when the new Next Level Physical Plant organization is implemented many of the O&M shop foreman and managers will be re-assigned to zones, central support, and construction teams. The new teams will be comprised of multiple trade specialties into new shops that serve specific sections (zones) of campus or to a construction team. The project is still a work in progress so other changes may occur as we work through the process.

I'm a student, and currently work for Intramurals as well as Physical Plant. Looking at the proposed map, I noticed that the intramural fields are divided up between 3 departments, Central, Res life, and General University. Is this really the case, or is it simply misrepresented on the map?

The Next Level map was intended to show the potential boundaries for the buildings in a zone. Athletic Fields/Intramural Fields are not worked on by the zone maintenance staff. The NCAA athletic fields are taken care of by Athletics and the intramural fields are taken care of by the Colvin Center. Physical Plant Service staff will work on the intramural field lighting if requested by the Colvin Center.

How will the structure of each shop be set up for supervision? will there be a supervisor and foreman for each area? How will the standby situation work will each area have their own or will it be one person over all?

The Organization Design Team will be looking into the details and digging deeper into the development of the organization during the next step of the planning. The management structure, number of people, processes, tools, equipment and many other items still need to be developed.

On the map of the zones you presented today you did not include west campus. Am I to take it that that area is not included in the Next Level Project or has it been over looked?

The zone map shown during the Next Level presentation only showed what could fit on the slide and still be legible. The intention is for the Zone 1 to include all areas not included in the other zones.

Can we put some kind of color code above doors on campus just for our info about asbestos in rooms.I came out on standby the other night looking for water leak lifted up ceiling tile looking for leak,the next day asbestos told me i shouldnt have lifted up any tile can we put like a color code above the door that tells me their is asbestos in that room so we dont keep getting exposed.Green for room is ok red for asbestos in room only for our info.

Thank you for the suggestion. Several years ago PPS used markings on the ceiling grids in the rooms to indicate asbestos containing ceiling tiles. The markings were invisible under normal lighting, but showed up clearly when a portable black light was used for identification. PPS is currently working on a new system to identify the presence of hazardous materials in the ceilings, walls, and floors. We hope to be able to incorporate the information into the new mobile technology being considered for the Next Level project.

I imagine that besides technological and quality improvements there are other goals. Translating them in financial aspect - what is the goal, and in what period of time supposed to be reached? Is it project team effort? who is the author of the project? Thank you for answer.

Right now we're working at more of a global level. Our goal is to make the physical plant more efficient and more responsive to our customer's needs. We are just beginning the process which will involve taking a step back and determining just what our customer's needs and expectations are and then taking a look at our processes (and funding) to determine where we are not meeting those needs. Then, more detailed goals/improvements will be developed to address the gaps identified. Right now, we expect the full process to take from 12 to 14 months to complete. It is a team effort. We have a Physical Plant project team set up. Rick Krysiak (Phys Plant Director) and Adrian Self (Director of Facilities) are the internal Project Champions. Thank You, Rick Krysiak, Phys Plant Director.

We currently have an excellent network available to us to monitor and regulate the utilities on campus provided by energy management. The central plant operators could further the savings already in place with a simple messaging system updated weekly. The time schedule of buildings that are having events or maintenance that would directly effect load on campus, can give the operators an edge on how to most effectively run the equipment and save money. Taking a proactive approach instead of reactive. Having IT set up a link the operators could check to see the building setback and closings schedule helping keep the cost of providing utilities low. A direct line of communication the operator could check at his work station would eliminate the possibility of messages not being received.

Thank you for your comment. The information will be sent to the Organization workgroup. Thank You, Next Level Project Team.