Facilities Management Advisory Committee


"To further communication among staff members via elected representatives from each department and make recommendations to the Director of FM on matters of concern." 



  A photograph of Facilities Management Advisory Committee Chair, Cord Harris

Cord Harris

Phone: 918-399-9000

E-mail: cord.harris@okstate.edu


Co Chair

  A photograph of Facilities Management Advisory Committee Co Chair, Chad Tucker

Chad Tucker

Phone: 405-744-4354

E-mail: chadet@okstate.edu



  A photo of Facilities Management Advisory Committee Secretary, Holly Pasmore      

Holly Pasmore

Phone: 405-744-1174

E-mail: holly.pasmore@okstate.edu



  A photograph of Facilities Management Advisory Committee Treasurer, Jess Mutschelknaus

Jess Mutschelknaus

Phone: 405-744-9039

E-mail: jess.marshburn@okstate.edu



Tiffany Munday            Administration and Business Operations       tiffany.munday@okstate.edu   

Jess Mutschelknaus    Administration and Business Operations       jess.marshburn@okstate.edu

Scott James                 Zone 1                                                           sajames@okstate.edu  

Open                            Zone 2                                                           someone@okstate.edu

Cord Harris                   Zone 3                                                           cord.harris@okstate.edu

Tracy McDonald           Zone 4                                                           tracy.mcdonald@okstate.edu

Chris Haynes                MEP                                                               christopher.w.haynes@okstate.edu

Bobby Edwards            Structural                                                        bobby.d.edwards@okstate.edu

Chad Tucker                Facilities Support Services                             chadet@okstate.edu

Steven Weeks              Energy Services                                             steven.weeks@okstate.edu

Robert Bartmess          Energy Services                                             robert.bartmess@okstate.edu

Casey Keyser               Energy Services                                             casey.ashley@okstate.edu

Holly Pasmore              Facilities                                                         holly.pasmore@okstate.edu

Katie Beitz                    Facilities                                                          katie.beitz@gmail.com

Heath Pickens              CCS                                                                heath.pickens@okstate.edu

Please speak with your representative or e-mail FM.AC@okstate.edu with any questions or ideas that you would like to see discussed.


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